Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up ..

It's been a long long time since I have posted on here and I realized that as I was going through pictures to add. So lets begin back a long time ago on Feb. 12th. On that day it snowed at our house and Aidan loved it. This was his first time to really get to play in the snow. Luckily Papa had bought Aidan a really warm Carhartt coat for Christmas which came in handy for our snow day

Unfortunately, Aidan's 2nd birthday party was scheduled for Saturday the day after the snow came. We went back and forth on canceling but decided to go on with it and if people couldn't make it we would understand. Well we have great family because almost everyone got out in the snow and came to our house to celebrate Aidan's 2nd B-Day. Just for note this also happened to me at my Baby shower for Aidan it snowed then as well and the baby shower went on as planned so why not the B-Day party too.

Mawmaw made Aidan a great cake of his favorite person. There was no leftovers it was so good!
In April Mawmaw's azaleas were in full bloom and I couldn't resist taking Aidan's pictures in her yard. Here are a few of my favorites..

Easter this year was lots of fun Aidan and Gage had a blast hunting eggs at Granny and Pops and at Mawmaw and Pawpaws.
We attempted to get group shots of the Grandparents and Grandkids I think I took like 100 and we got 1 or 2 that they are all looking.
May rolls around and the pasture beside Mawmaw's is covered in flowers so what do I think of photo shoot!
For Mother's Day I decided to take my Mom to the beach with Me and Aidan. We went memorial day weekend and had a blast. Thank you Dot A for letting us use your condo we loved it.

It took forever to get Aidan to get on the rides but once he was on he loved it.
I was kinda worried about the teacups. When I was little I rode this same exact ride and got very very sick from them so I was a little afraid he might follow in my footsteps. He did not he did great and loved them.
Nana and Aidan had a good time feeding the fish and the turtles.
We attempted to take A to play put put but he didn't see the point in hitting the ball he just walked to every whole put his ball in and on to the next. We lost Nana's ball at some point in the evening Aidan says it was in the bushes but we never found it. Funny thing is when we got to the end and he had to the ball in the last whole he realized there was no bottom and refused to put it in. The lady at the counter was kind enough to let him keep it so we didn't have a very upset child.
Very tired after a long day on the beach. I have beach pics but I can't find my memory card at this moment once I locate it I will put them up.
On our last night we went down to the beach. The pics did not come out that great and Aidan refused to be still for pictures so these are as good as we could get.
We spent Mother's Day at Dot A's pool. Aidan had a lot of fun.
Can you tell he loved the bow to Dot A's gift he wore it the whole day.
Adam and A braved the cold water and he had so much fun.

We took a trip to the zoo this summer with Gage, River and Aunt Jamie. Aidan's first time at the zoo was great he had so much fun.

The boys talking about how much fun the zoo is going to be.
My little lion!
Gage had his 4th B- Day at the Newnan Utilities park. They have sprinklers and a great playground. The boys loved running in the sprinklers. Nana and Aidan join Aunt Jamie and Gage here a lot in the summers to play.

Last but not least Mommy and Daddy's escape for the summer. We went to Blue Ridge to Dot A's cabin and floated the Toccoa River. We have wanted to float from the dam to the cabin for years but have never been brave enough till this year. We loaded up our floats including a supply raft and off we went it was so much fun. It took us about 5 hours but it was great other than the fact only one of us put on sunscreen. Adam and Chip suffered some serious sun burn but it was well worth it.
Our floats along the banks. They were great!

Brent cooked us up some good dinner.
The boys talking about old times I am sure.

Well that's all for now. Sorry for the long post but had to catch up somehow.