Monday, April 27, 2009

Aidan's first fishing trip!

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and we spent all of it outside. Aidan went on his first fishing trip over to Anya's farm with me and his Daddy. He loved playing and running around. He didn't really get to fish but he took everything in and is sure to be a fisherman before long. I have found that photo bucket uploads pictures a lot easier and I added a slide show from some of our adventures this last week. You will see that Adam put Aidan on the roof and he loved it he didn't want to get down. I told Adam not to because now he is going to be trying to figure out how to get up there. I must keep all ladders out of Aidan's reach HA HA! The Rhino is also one of his favorite things to ride on he knows how to crank it so thank goodness he can't reach the pedals. All of the other pics are in our yard with him playing with Pointer and then Mommy and his photo session in which he hated the grass on his feet. You can tell by his face that he is not to happy with me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

A little bit of updating to catch you all up on Aidan's latest accomplishments. He is growing like a weed and does new things everyday. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom and he is learning that he can bite which gets him in a lot of trouble. He is also starting to say a lot of new words. Pawpaw is by far his favorite but he also says, dog, duck, Mama, Daddy, turkey, deer, tractor, bye bye and a few more. He can tell you what the dog, duck and cow says. He loves the cows we ride him to the farm and let him see them and he thinks they are great he gets the biggest eyes and points to all of them. One of his new things he does if he wants something is to grab your hand and tell you "moan" and pull you to whatever he wants. Most of the time it is outside because that is his favorite place to be. Easter was great and I got lots of pictures. He is still hunting eggs at the house. He gets his basket and walks around and picks up the plastic eggs and put them in it. Then he throws them back out to do it again my house never has a clean moment anymore. Well here are some pics from Easter he is 14 months old here...
The Easter bunny brought Aidan lots of goodies!
He loved dumping everything out!
The bucket was his favorite!
Papa and Aidan found an egg.
and another one!
Aidan and his easter egg at Granny's.
Nana, Papa, and Aidan
Mommy and Aidan at Mawmaw's.
"moan PawPaw"
Aidan taking Pawpaw to the tractor
his favorite thing to do with Pawpaw is
ride it.
It has been a long day and he was getting
very tired.
Mawmaw Pawpaw and Aidan
He was trying to get away.

Snow March 09'

Ok so I am catching up on some things that I have been too busy to do and updating Aidan's page is one of them. During our recent snow Aidan had the flu and couldn't play and enjoy it. I took him outside just long enough to get one picture and back inside we went. We tried to get him to stand up but he felt so bad he just wanted his Daddy to hold him so here are pics from our snow day...
Thompson Crossroads This is what Aidan and Mommy did on the snow day.
Back yard
Front yard
Daddy went out and played for both of us and him and built a rather large

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aidan's First Birthday Party!

Here are some pics from Aidan's first b-day party. He done so well he missed his nap and still was happy and played with everybody. We used the fellowship hall at the Greenville Presbyterian Church. Mawmaw made his cake and it turned out great! It looked just like his invitations. He got lots and lots of toys and he loves all of them. Thank you to everyone who came and Aidan says Thanks for the toys they are great!