Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Pictures

This weekend Aidan had his christmas pics made. They turned out really great even though we had to chase him the whole time. We got some realyl good ones. His chritmas cards will be one of these pics. I will try to post a link or a way to see them soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorry it has taken so long to get a new post up but things have been busy. Aidan is doing great! He is now sitting his self back up on his own and pulling up on things. He has also discovered the drawers in my cabinets. His favorite toy is anything that is not a toy. I will get some new pics of him soon. The weekend of Oct. 24th me, my mother, my grandmother, my adopted grandmother ( my grandmother's best friend), my sister-n-law, my uncles girlfriend, and her daughter took a girls trip to Biloxi. Well Aidan tagged along! Ashley went as his babysitter and did a great job she kept him in the room while we went out and about. We had a blast!
Where we stayed.
Aidan and Mawmaw
Nana, Aidan, and Mawmaw
Nana and Aidan
Getting on the elevator after dinner.
All the girls and then Aidan.
Aidan and Ashley
Me and Aidan
The casino we stayed at had pumpkins everywhere in the lobby areas.
Aidan loved them.
My mom, Me, and My Grandmother!
That's Jamie in front of our favorite place on the trip
Hard Rock Casino