Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally New Pics!

I finally got time last night to upload new pics. All of these pics are from last month so he is 9 months old in these. I hope you enjoy!
Aidan and I playing before bedtime.
Aidan wanted the camera.
Here is Aidan's stocking for his 1rst Christmas.
Another pic of him trying to get the camera.
Aidan in his thanksgiving bib.
It says "I'm Stuffed"
Aidan loves to look out the window for the dogs.
On this day the dogs were hiding because of the rain.
Someone is walking out of there pants!
Who me?
Army Aidan!
This is my new trick I can go from the couch to
the recliner as long as I reach really far!
I also like to pretend the couch is a drum set.
Supper time!
I greet Mommy like this every morning!
I got a new carseat for Mommys car and a new toy
in the house.
Mommy took it away from me as soon as she got done taking my picture.
That's all we'll post more soon!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Aidan's First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. Very busy but great. Aidan had a good day playing with everyone. We didn't get any pictures because Mom forgot the camera but I will get some new ones up soon I promise. The Christmas pics are a little delayed because the studio had a problem with the download but as soon as they are up I will let you know. We wish everyone Happy Holiday's!