Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know November is almost over and I am just now getting up some Halloween pics but I am huge slacker and I'll admit it. This Halloween we decided to do the home made costume thing. Aidan was Dennis the Menace because he has the blonde hair and cowlick to fit the part. Pawpaw made him the cutest slingshot for his back pocket that he left in pretty well. We went to the Fall Festival at Flint River with Nana for our first Halloween outing and he had a great time. He threw bean bags at cans, picked up ducks for prizes and then Mason took him down the big blow up slide outside. While Mommy stayed in the gym to try and win a raffle prize Aidan and Gage played in Nana's classroom and had a blast. It was fun! On Halloween we had a busy day. We first went to Aidan's second cousin Bennett's Halloween party where there was a blow up jumpy thing, lots of cute kids to play with and a great party. Aidan loved the jumpy thing he stayed in it for a while and had a blast. We had to leave there early because Uncle Michael and Aunt Jamie had Halloween at their house. Aidan went with Nana but didn't get to trick or treat because it was raining and we didn't want him to get sick. Mommy and Daddy went to an adult Halloween party while Aidan stayed and played with Nana. Here are some pics from our Halloween.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Potty Training FULL SPEED AHEAD!

We have officially started the potty training process. We have been kinda showing Aidan about the potty but recently he decided it was time. He has been rewarded several times this week for going to the potty and everyday he gets more and more rewards. Hopefully this will be easy but we will see.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aidan's Surgery Sept. 09

Aidan had surgery in Sept. to fix a hernia. He did great and the doctor says he will only have a small scar and should not have any complications from it any more in his life. It was hard to see them put him to sleep and then wait just go back to a room to wait but it was so fast. He was back in with us before we knew it. Here are some pics from the trip.
The night before the surgery, last glass of milk until after surgery.
Surgery morning it was early Aidan was very tired.
Getting dressed in his gown.
Showing off his cool outfit.
Picking out a toy for being a good patient.
Nana and Aidan waiting before he goes back into the operating room.
Aidan after surgery. Waiting on him to wake up.
Trying to get him to wake up.
There he is!
Papa and Aidan waiting for them to tell us we can go home.
At home finally playing with Nana.
Letting Papa check his BooBoo.