Friday, July 24, 2009

Aidan Cruising in his Car

This is Aidan in his car at Mawmaw's. He loves this car and spinning around in it. Funny thing is this was mine when I was little. It has been through about 4 grandchildren now and still going strong. My Mawmaw says she can't believe the wheels have not wore off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Summer so far...

This Summer has been a lot of fun with Aidan. He is getting so independent and wanting to do so much. He is spending the Summer staying at Nana's everyday and giving Mawmaw a break for a while. He loves going there and seeing Bo and Flip Nana's dogs he starts calling Bo when we get in the car every morning. They go to the park in Newnan and go play with Gage and have lots of fun. He is starting to talk a lot more and pick up on things very well. He will say thank you and your welcome if told to but hopefully he will start saying it on his own soon. Here are some pics from the park in Newnan with Nana.
I have also been taking him to Mrs. Dot's pool every once and a while. He likes the water but would rather play with her wind chimes or Big Harry's dogs. Since he runs around the pool so much we bought him a vest to wear at all times while he is there just in case. He doesn't mind it at all because it is so slim he can still do whatever he wants with it on. Hopefully next year he will want to spend more time in the water and Mommy can actually enjoy the pool and not chase Aidan the whole time but it is still fun just for him to get to go there and spend time with Mrs. Dot and Big Harry.
Also, Daddy has been having fun taking Aidan fishing this Summer. We have not gotten him a pole yet but he likes to help Daddy with his. On our last trip Daddy caught a huge fish and Aidan tried to help but it was almost as big as him so to keep it from taking Aidan away Daddy reeled it in. If you are wondering why Aidan has no clothes on it is because they were drying. Daddy decided that it was OK for him to swim with the fish. He loved it so that is all that matters! As you can see we have been really busy this Summer but Mommy and Daddy did get to have a relaxing weekend with friends at Mrs. Dot's cabin in Blue Ridge it was great. We missed Mrs. Dot not going with us but we are definitely getting her up there with us next time. We took Chip and Rachel and J.P. and Ansley with us to Blue Ridge. We spent one day on the lake and one day floating the river. Then at night we just hung out around the cabin and relaxed with great friends! Aidan stayed with Mawmaw and Pawpaw and enjoyed riding the tractors and playing. He loves to go there it is so hard sometimes to get him to want to come home. Here are some pics of our weekend.
Hopefully, I won't be so long before I post again. Hope everyone's Summer is going as great as ours!