Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy First Birthday Aidan!

I can not believe but Aidan is 1 year old today! He has grown so much and does new things everyday. I cooked him a cake last night so he could have one on his birthday but we are partying Saturday with family and friends. On Monday when I got to Mawmaws to get him she stopped me and told me to wait in the kitchen. Next thing I knew my little monster was walking down the hall to me. I was so excited he finally let go and just took off. He has a couple of words now Mama (when he is mad), Dada like all the time, and Dog ( he whispers this ) . He says other things too we think but it is hard to figure out. He is completely off of formula and drinking milk. The bottle is slowly disappearing. He only uses at night for bedtime. We use sippy cups throughout the day. He loves to give kisses. He sometimes gives them to you even when you don't ask. Blowing kisses is so cute because he puts so much effort into it. I will try to have pics up soon of tonight and Saturday!