Monday, January 12, 2009

Aidan @ 11 months!

Aidan turned 11 months yesterday. I can not believe he will be 1 soon. It seems like yesterday he was just born. He is into everything now. He crawls very fast and we chase him most of the time. The days of holding him and cuddling are over he would rather be down on the floor playing. We are starting milk now and the sippy cup instead of a bottle. His favorite toy right now is a ball. He loves to throw it back and forth with me or Adam. Bathtime is also a favorite he cries when it is time to get out most of the time. I took some pics the other night of bathtime and you can see how much he enjoys it. Also I have pics from new years at Mawmaw and Pawpaws. Mawmaw has found out that Aidan loves whip cream and there are a couple of him with a whip cream face.

Aidan's Christmas Pics

Ok, so I finally got Aidan's Christmas Pics online after fighting with the company to make them put them up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aidan's First Christmas

Ok so I am a little late with this post but things have been busy. Aidan had a great first Christmas and enjoyed all of his gifts. Thank you to everyone for everything. Santa Clause came and brought him a train and lots of other toys and clothes. On Christmas morning Daddy and Aidan opened all of his toys while I took pictures so we could show all of you how much fun he had. We had a lot of places to go over Christmas but we made sure Aidan had time to play for a while before we got on the road. Here are some pics from all of travels on Christmas.
Opening gifts at Nana's house !
Daddy and Aidan Christmas Eve
Mommy and Aidan Christmas Eve
Aidan thinks his Daddy is funny!
Aidan on Christmas Eve!
Laying down for bed on Christmas Eve with his
new pillow and blanket that his Great Grandmother
Dorothy Argroves made for him.
He is so excited sleep was not easy that night!
His bedtime shirt he got from mommy for
Christmas! Finally sleeping now Santa can come!
Santa Clause came to see Aidan and
he found Mommy's wrapping paper and wrapped
all Aidan's gifts!
The tree Christmas morning!
Aidan loves his toys!
Daddy taking it out of the box.
Aidan playing with his new dump truck!
Daddy showing Aidan his bib for the day
he really didn't care to much about he just wanted
the toys.
Aidan riding his train that Santa brought.
I think he was tired of pictures and just wanted to play.
Practicing so when he's big he can go to work with
Showing Mommy his toys!
How sweet! Aidan was ready for a nap but he stayed
up long enough to open more gifts.
Aidan's cousin Bennett got a new Gator for Christmas and
him and Aidan were trying it out.
Bennett was excited to show Aidan all of his
Next stop Mawmaw and Pawpaws!
After a much need nap we opened more presents!
Looking for more toys!
Time for lunch!
Aidan has got the sippy cup almost mastered!
Showing off his teeth!
Aidan with his Mawmaw and Pawpaw!
It's been a long day and somebody is very tired!